The thing about freebie hunters

Freebie hunters don’t just ruin their own business by refusing to pay for expert help, they will happily ruin your business too. They will drain your resources, string you along and never admit they are just out to get what they can, for free.

As a business owner, one of the core skills you need to learn is how to tell these time wasters, from those genuinely interested in working with you.

Tip: One thing we know about these serial freebie hunters is that they are extremely attracted to free offers. Those who offer to give their time away for free, (free consultations, free assessments etc) as part of their marketing, need to be especially careful.

It’s not only a really bad idea to attach zero value to your time, you are likely to be a magnet for time wasters too.

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6 thoughts on “The thing about freebie hunters

  1. Well said Jim! I’ve noticed an increase in these types recently – especially on free consultations. They want to discuss using me for a website for their new business only to have them tell me during the whole conversation why they can’t start their new business. It totally amazes me the people who call and say, “I want to start a business because I was laid off or lost my job.” Then they spend a half hour telling me how their friends and family tell them how they need to get a “real job.” I’m like, “Isn’t it a ‘real job’ that put you here in the first place?” (Shaking my Head) And of course, the ones that tell you they can’t afford to pay for your services because of ‘this economy.’ Needless to say, I’ve had a lot of experience with what you say here and you are ABSOLUTELY right!

  2. I get it every day, Debbie. I got one recently, where someone from Google+ asked for some free work, ending her email with “I’m not asking for free work!”

    Thanks for the feedback, Debbie.

  3. Freebie hunters are like walking, talking cases of bad flu: you come close enough, spend some time with them, and before you realize it you feel as miserable and unsatisfied with the day as they are. I wish there was a way to tell if someone is a time wasting freebie hunter the minute they called you or sent the first email sounding like they actually want to achieve something.

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