Run DMC: From Queens, Came Kings

I saw a wonderful piece of street art recently, (above). It’s calledĀ From Queens Come Kings.

The title refers to the fact that 3 guys from Hollis, Queens, New York, went on to become international super-stars of music – influencing millions of people. I’m referring to the amazing RUN DMC.

Talent, determination and commitment

Whatever your musical tastes may be, I am willing to guess that there are artists in your music collection, who went from nowhere, to super-stardom. Talent, determination and a commitment to their craft – this seems a recipe for success at the highest level in music.

  • Interestingly, that same talent, determination and commitment has seen many people go from rags to riches in business too.
  • Even more interestingly, you and I were both born with talent in at least one area and we can acquire the learned skills of determination and commitment.

The question is, what are we going to do with allĀ our potential?

PS: Please check out the Jam Master Jay Foundation For Music. At time of writing, the site is under development.

Photo: Bixentr.

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