Cookie policy

Like every blog that uses social networking buttons and has comments and analytics enabled, this blog uses cookies.

Although these cookies collect no personal data about you, a May 2012 EU ruling requires every site within Europe to let visitors know that cookies are being used. I elected to be one of the first to comply.

The cookies used here on JimConnolly.Com are used:

  • For the social media sharing icons you see here and on every blog (Twitter, Facebook and Google+ etc.)
  • To allow me to measure traffic to the blog.
  • NB: There are no advertising cookies used anywhere on this blog.

If you are happy to proceed, you don’t need to do anything. Just carry on enjoying the blog as before. Nothing has changed here. By continuing to use this blog, you are offering what’s called ‘implied consent’. If for any reason you do not like cookies, you can change your browser settings, delete cookies or try and find an alternative, cookie free blog.

Here is some more information about cookies for those of you who want to know more. It includes some ideas on how to block and manage cookies.

In addition, if it helps you, you are free to use all or any of this cookie disclosure, with my full consent.

Finally, I believe it’s a positive move for all sites to disclose their use of cookies and I hope that this cookie disclosure page encourages others to similarly disclose exactly what they use cookies for.

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