What’s your ‘effin plan B?

Seems the latest trend for gurus, is to be profane.

I’ve noticed it mostly from social-media-famous experts, who come from privileged backgrounds. It feels like an effort to make themselves more street or more relevant.

Sure, the first time you say ‘fuck’ in your book / blog / podcast, people notice it. After a while though, it ceases to work. The effectiveness wears off. People get snow-blind.

If cussing is currently your shtick, you may want to work on your plan B. Because there’s no deficit of cussing experts, speakers, podcasters or bloggers.

There’s a HUGE shortage of people willing to lead. There’s a vast deficit of people prepared to create ideas worth sharing. These are more profitable areas to invest your time and energy.

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We don’t need more curators

Facebook has almost 1.8 billion users. Then there’s Linkedin with around 470 million users. A huge subset of these folks spend much of their time curating [sharing] what others have said. Articles, quotes from famous people, blog posts, photos, videos, etc. That subset has to be close to 95%, when it comes to business users.

Curation is easy. And worthless

It’s literally a brainless function, because it can be done on autopilot. All you need is some freely-available software and BOOM… you can pump out what other people have to say. It’s easy. There’s no work required. No creativity needed. And that’s why we’re bombarded with it.

Because millions and millions of people curate, it’s of zero value. It has no value to the curator or the poor bastards who connect with them online. They’ve already seen what the curator’s sharing. It’s telling them nothing new. So, if the curator is a businessperson, fooled into using curation by some social media guru, it’s making the business owner and their business anonymous. Invisible. Boring.

We have an opportunity to share what we think with the world, which past generations couldn’t have imagined. Don’t blow it, by using your social platforms for retweets, automation and quotes.

Blow it?

Yes. By sharing what others have to say, rather than what you have to say, you send 2 extremely negative messages to whoever sees your content:

  1. You have nothing to say.
  2. Alternatively, you do have something to say, but lack the courage to say what you think.

Both of those messages are extremely toxic.

My message here is simple: Use your voice to connect. Tell us what you think. Don’t make a noise. Make a difference.

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When the trolls come knocking

I listened to an interview recently, where Grammy Award winner Toni Tennille, talked about the nasty things some people say about her online. She went on to say that she didn’t pay attention to them.

The thing about trolls

One of the challenges with the Internet, is that people can hide behind a keyboard and write semi-anonymous abuse about others. As soon as you become visible, you become a potential target. If your visibility is related to being successful, you may as well paint a big target on you and wait for the trolls to arrive.

There are a few ways to deal with it.

  • You can try and hide from it like Seth Godin. He stopped people being able to comment on his blog and refuses to connect with people on social networks. He can now write fearlessly – knowing no one can question him in front of his audience.
  • If you are not scared of it, but find it demotivating, you can do like Toni Tennille and not read it.

Or you can learn to see it for what it is and give it the attention it deserves… which is very, very little!

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Never lose hope

Hope is not a strategy. However, hope is essential.

Whatever struggle you have, there’s someone, somewhere who can help you. Seek out the people you need and the answers you need. But keep on.

Never lose hope. NEVER!

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Do we know who you are and what you stand for?

There are bloggers I have seen online over the past 5 years or more, yet I know nothing about them.

Sure, I know they retweet social media gurus and a-list bloggers. I know they write the same me too blog posts, agreeing with whatever the popular opinion is on a topic. But I know nothing about them.

I have no idea what they think.

What they stand for.

What they are excited about.

What their story is.

This got me thinking

Unlike previous generations, we leave an easy to follow stream of activity behind us online. Our kids or grand kids will be able to see if we stood for anything. They will see of we were ditto heads or if we had the courage to express ourselves. They will see if we were leaders or if we were sheep.

Maybe that’s something to think about, the next time you feel compelled to share your guru’s latest thoughts… rather than your own.

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My Kindle Fire HDX screen flicker problem: Cheap quality control

kindle fire hdx screen flicker, fault

My wife bought me a Kindle Fire HDX for Christmas. As soon as I turned it on, I noticed the screen was flickering. I assumed it was a setting and proceeded to set the device up.

Kindle Fire HDX screen problems

It soon became clear that this was a fault. I searched online for help and found lots of others with the exact same problem. No one had a solution. So, I called Amazon and asked for a replacement. They sent me another HDX… with the same screen flicker fault.

I sent that back and received a THIRD Kindle Fire HDX… with the exact same screen flicker fault as the previous two. So, I requested a refund and bought a Google Nexus device. See image above. The Nexus 7 worked perfectly.

3 faulty Kindle Fire HDX’s later

Amazon’s Kindle quality control clearly has some big issues. There’s no way any of these Kindles should have been sent to a customer. I the space of a week, Amazon turned me from an advocate to a disgruntled customer. I went from being someone who recommended them, to someone warning people about their quality control.

Yes, it takes a little more time and money to get quality control right. However, the cost for doing quality control on the cheap, is far higher.

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Run DMC: From Queens, Came Kings

I saw a wonderful piece of street art recently, (above). It’s called From Queens Come Kings.

The title refers to the fact that 3 guys from Hollis, Queens, New York, went on to become international super-stars of music – influencing millions of people. I’m referring to the amazing RUN DMC.

Talent, determination and commitment

Whatever your musical tastes may be, I am willing to guess that there are artists in your music collection, who went from nowhere, to super-stardom. Talent, determination and a commitment to their craft – this seems a recipe for success at the highest level in music.

  • Interestingly, that same talent, determination and commitment has seen many people go from rags to riches in business too.
  • Even more interestingly, you and I were both born with talent in at least one area and we can acquire the learned skills of determination and commitment.

The question is, what are we going to do with all our potential?

PS: Please check out the Jam Master Jay Foundation For Music. At time of writing, the site is under development.

Photo: Bixentr.

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