Why Growth Hacking never seems to work

growth hacking

Growth hacking: The concept of reversing the law of cause and effect, is an appealing idea. It says you can get the reward before (or without) the effort.

Maybe the best example of this flawed approach, is the fad diets industry. These diets promise weight loss, with little or no effort. The reason there are so many of them on the market, is that they don’t work. So advocates jump from failed diet to failed diet.

And as a growing number of entrepreneurs are discovering, growth hacking is just as ineffective when it comes to business success. Hacks to get you noticed, hacks to make you influential, hacks to get rich quick… these are all fatally flawed.

And here’s why.


Business success is all about bringing value to your marketplace. The marketplace values; honesty, innovation, dedication, reliability, durability, passion, commitment, professionalism, etc.

By default, anything that can be done by the masses, with a quick hack, lacks that kind of value.

An alternative approach is to learn from the successes of others. Read the books. Do the studying. Do the work. It may not sound as sexy as growth hacking. But it makes more sense than trying to break universal laws.

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